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Protecting lives with safe, clean, quality hygiene

Clean Life provides hygiene product solutions that are Australian Made, offering reliable supply and quality reassurance for every day needs in the home, community and business.  

We are helping to restore Australia’s sovereign capability with our operation that services industry and consumers across the country. Backed by a team of chemists, product innovators and  manufacturing specialists, Clean Life delivers high quality products for everyday needs.  

The world has taught us that hygiene health is a responsibility for everyone, so we’re here to help…..

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Clean Life is more than a brand of Australian Made hygiene and disinfectant products, Clean Life is a solution provider for communities and industry reducing their exposure to everyday risks associated with germs and bacteria.

Clean Life provides specialist training for all size businesses, from small owner operator entities to large corporate groups to help ensure businesses are compliant to all safety regulations in the workplace and to enable best hygiene practice. Training programs can be customised to help with specific staff or client needs to implement robust hygiene and cleaning regimens.

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Clean Life consulting team can provide all relevant documentation required for the workplace, including: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s); Re-entry Process documents for staff and clients; Creation of workplace specific signage needed, including posters, window or floor decals to support back of house or front of house operations with key messages and procedures to follow.

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Clean Life offers a range of general or customised programs for businesses including: video presentation; webinar training; staff workplace training; consultation in groups or 1 on 1; and induction programs.

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