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  • Bulk Wipe Dispenser Unit

    • Holds 1000 tub of wipes + 1 x 500ml Spray bottle
    • Receive 1 x FREE 500ml Antibacterial Spray with every unit purchased


    • White powder coated
    • 700mm high 

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  • Clean Life Poster

    The Clean Life posters are designed to keep hygiene front of mind for you, your team and your customers. They are gentle reminders of each "zone" within a space and how to make sure we are taking the care needed when it comes to hygiene

    • Nature Calls
    • Kitchen Courtesy
    • Wipe your way into the day
    • Strut your stuff
    • Don't leave a trace

    Please note:

    A digital copy of posters is FREE with any purchase.  For printed & laminated copies please contact  

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